WDB contributes to the
future development of the
Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry.

As a contract research organization (CRO), we support pharmaceutical product
development, clinical research and trial based in the U.S.

Press Release
September 6, 2018
DZS Clinical Services Acquired by WDB Holdings Co., Ltd., to Strengthen CRO BusinessPDF
August 31, 2018
Announcement on Acquisition of 100% shares by a subsidiary in the USPDF

What We Do

WDB Group is providing our CRO services as DZS Clinical Services in the U.S.

Medical Call Center

24/7 Call Center covering global languages.


End-to-end Case Processing, Management, Reports.

European Pharmacovigilance
& QPPV Services

Providing compliance to the drug safety regulations.

Regulatory Affairs Services

Dossier development, SmPC/PL development, eCTD publishing, Reviews, Variations, and maintenance.

Regulatory Affairs for PMDA

Pharmaceuticals, medical devices registration in Japan.

Clinical Data Management & Biostatistics

End-to-end Data Capture, Analysis, Management, Reports.

Who we are

As a full-service Contract Research Organization (CRO), we are a global provider of clinical research and R&D services to the biopharmaceutical and medical device industries. Our capabilities include providing comprehensive services to U.S. companies with coverage additionally in Europe and Japan.

Global expansion

As we embark on expanding our business worldwide, our steadfast mission remains the same: to guarantee top-quality-services for pharmaceutical companies. While we are enjoying the success of WDB Group in Japan, we believe establishing corporate locations in the United States and Finland will give us the ability to provide even greater flexibility, availability and affordability to more businesses and institutions worldwide.

We sincerely appreciate your interest in WDB Group and thank you for your support.

President & CEO
Norifumi Ninokata

Company Overview

WDB Medical Data, Inc.
President & CEO: Nino, Norifumi Ninokata
Head office: 1100 Cornwall Rd, Suite 211, Monmouth Junction, NJ 08852, United States
Phone #: +1-732-764-6970
Business: Clinical trials
Data management
Regulatory affairs
Medical Call Center
Shareholder: WDB Holdings Co., Ltd. (100%)

WDB Holdings Co., Ltd.
Incorporation: July 1985
President & CEO: Toshimitsu Nakano
Stock listing: Prime Market of Tokyo Stock Exchange (Code 2475)
Head office: Tokyo / Hyogo, Japan
Group Business at a Glance


Since our start in 1985, WDB Group has been providing human resource services primarily for research and development in the pharmaceutical sector.

Historical Timeline

WDB is Founded

Established Work Data Bank Co. Ltd. (predecessor of the current WDB Holdings Co., Ltd.) at 68 Honmachi, Himeji-shi with ¥1 million paid in capital. Started the first administrative support service in Himeji.


Staffing and Placement Services Developed

WDB develops temporary & permanent staffing services for HR


Business Expansion (established group companies)

2006 Listed on JASDAQ
2008 Listed on the Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange


Mergers & Acquisitions, Overseas, CRO Established


The environment of research and development is changing rapidly, and WDB Group has continued to evolve to meet client’s needs. Of those working in the science profession, one in three originate from the WDB Group in Japan.

WDB Medical Data takes full advantage of the WDB Group’s know-how and assets utilizing a method that can only be provided by WDB Medical Data.

WDB Group has an agreement with 98% of the pharmaceutical companies (local and global) in Japan. A long-standing, trustworthy relationship has been built within the research and development and manufacturing sectors with analytical work having the greatest number of customers.

Since its inception in 1984, now WDB coco, CRO in Japan, offers a medical-based translation and regulatory application-related material creation services to pharmaceutical organizations with more.

WDB CRO Business History

How we started with one of the top 10 Global Pharma Companies in Japan

WDB Group Advantage

WDB’s equation for success and rapid growth : Simplify, Standardize, Systemize and Run

Simplify and Standardize:

WDB created a “Standardized Business Procedure” by simplifying tasks with highly skilled workers who follow a detailed work flow. Ultimately, WDB is capable of providing high quality, efficient services at a low cost. Due to this effective business procedure, WDB has been about to expand dramatically.


In 1985, WDB began offering HR clerical services. In 1997, WDB expanded to offer HR services for Research and Development. These HR services for R&D positions were able to be handled by staff without any previous R&D background or knowledge. WDB made it possible for inexperienced workers who had just graduated college or part-timers without the necessary skills or experience to learn and adapt quickly due to the systematic approach and methods developed. This approach allows us to work with 98% of the pharmaceutical companies in Japan and to be #1 in R&D HR services in Japan. In 2008, WDB introduced temporary staffing services to Global Pharmaceutical Company to assist on Phamacovigilance work. We continue to provide ongoing services to Global Pharmaceutical today.


Our standardized business procedure allows us to run efficiently, to train inexperienced workers effectively and offer considerable savings to our clients. Our first successful challenge was HR for R&D positions. Our second successful challenge was CRO services in Japan. And now, our third challenge is to offer CRO services in the USA.

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